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Best Retailer's Slogan Denver 2007 - "Corporate Gifts Suck! Please Buy Local!"

Colorado Springs has way too few activists, but Adam Leech, who owns Leechpit, a punk-inspired vintage music and clothing store, is one of the strong. He made his message clear last December by setting loose a small army of store regulars with signs and fliers declaring "Corporate Gifts Suck! Please Buy Local!" In a blog posted shortly thereafter, Leech noted that his infantrymen suffered two death threats at Wal-Mart, were asked to leave the Chapel Hills Mall by four security guards and lasted only six minutes at the Citadel before getting booted. But Leech is upbeat about the whole thing: "We had ten people a day calling about it, and for a shop like us, that's priceless."
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The other day, my husband went to a conference for work, and came back with a bunch of corporate gifts. He brought home a big bottle of wine, and this really fancy box of cookies, brownies and fudge. I fell completely in love with the box of goodies. My husband and I ate dinner that night, and after dinner we settled down in front of the tv with the bottle of wine and the box of treats. It was the most delicious evening I had ever eaten. I can't wait for more <a href="">corporate gifts</a> because they are so good!