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Best Sandwiches Denver 2007 - Pat's #1

Pat\'s #1

Pat's #1

9211 E. Arapahoe Road

Englewood, CO 80112


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The best way to judge a sandwich joint is how you order there. At a decent sandwich joint, you'll order lunch. At a good one, you'll order lunch and maybe a little something extra for dinner. But at the best sandwich joint, you'll empty bank accounts and max out credit cards in order to buy enough food to feed you and ten of your closest friends for a week -- even if you don't have ten friends who need feeding or a fridge big enough to hold the leftovers. At Pat's, ordering everything on the board -- and then some -- is a very real danger. Salami sandwiches dressed in oil, salt and pepper; Italian grinders; hot meatball sandwiches that are the bane of every car's upholstery; the Gobbler (turkey, stuffing and cranberry mayo, served cold like perfect Thanksgiving leftovers every day of the year) -- we just can't stop. Which is how we know that this particular Pat's outlet is not just the best of the bunch, but the best sandwich joint in town -- truly deserving of its #1.
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PATS IS THE WORST REPRESENTATION OF A PHILLY CHEESE STEAK EVER!Teds, Large Marge's and Taste of Philly out beat Pat's by an infinifty. Pat's isn't even a philly owner- The realy Pat from Pat's in Philly would be embarassed by this cheese steak! I;m from Philly and NO WAY ON PATS!!!!


My favorite Cheesesteak joint is "Large Marge's Philly Cheesesteak" in Wheatridge, Colorado. She really is from South Philly!! I've tried the other Cheesesteak places in the Denver area and they are good but I still think Large Marge's is by far the best located at 39th & Kipling St in Wheatridge.