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Best Shrimp Cocktail Denver 2007 - El Coyotito #3 - CLOSED

El Coyotito #3

El Coyotito #3

4978 Leetsdale Drive

Denver, CO 80246


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El Coyotito #3, a little storefront on Leetsdale (we have no idea where #1 and #2 may be) gets a lot of things right. Service is fast and friendly. There's a great Spanish-only jukebox in the corner. And while the standard Mexican fare (tacos, burritos, etc.) is only good, the seafood is great. The presentations are simple, the flavors fresh and clean. And with that big beach mural painted along the back wall, there's no better place to kick back with an iced bottle of real Mexican Coca-Cola and a giant shrimp cocktail served in a hurricane glass.
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Oh my gosh, I love this place!!!! I haven't ever had their shrimp cocktail but they have fantastic ceviche and tacos. The price incredible here too. I LOVE El Coyotito #3!!!