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Best Skateboard School Denver 2007 - Colorado Skate University

It was fated to be: The husband-and-wife team who run Colorado Skate University met in a skatepark. Their shared passion inspired them to open a school, which offers we-come-to-you lessons for boarders of all ages seeking to learn the ins and ollies of just about everything, from staying on your board to total super-shredding. And because half of the teaching staff is female and well-versed in the hardships that girls can face in the skateboarding world, the school is especially supportive of those learners. CSU also offers equipment rentals for beginners and birthday-party packages, complete with chocolate skateboards and goodie bags. That's sooo radical.
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deb Henriksen
deb Henriksen

Yikes haters (SkateParkSessions).... don't think I like kids being taught that!

I've known Laura since 1996, from X-games Vert-ramp demos and long sessions at the Whaeatridge metal ramps... for those of you who DON'T live in COLORADO, that is all we had 2 sk8 in the day.....( metal ramps in Golden, Arvada, Wheatridge, back yard ramps, and the streets) . The Denver Sk8 Park opened with the Dream Parks Pro Contest in Sept. 2001.... so where were you teaching in Denver in 1999.... 16th street- -we were banned from there by then too...1999????? interesting.....

Sounds to me you are threatened, need a grip, and need to get yer facts straight!

Best of DENVER RIGHTFULLY goes to something BASED out of DENVER. (not CA or OR, but CO!!!) B.S. and attitude are a good way to NOT FIT IN around here, This is REAL, and so are Laura and Mike. They are a family based organization, AREN'T haters, and ride for the RIGHT reasons.

We all have something to offer, so show some RESPECT! SK82KR8!!!!!!(NOT hate2sk8! figure it out!)

Deb- Equillibrium CLothing


I was surprised to see this too. The Colorado Skate University claims to be the BEST and ONLY skateboard school in Denver. When in actuality: All Star's Skatepark Session day camps and lessons have been provided in Denver since 1999. I was disappointed in the Westword editors for not actually researching and comparing skateboard schools. We have parents tell us all the time how much happier they are with our program and instruction.

Denver's Original Skateboard SchoolSince 1999http://www.skateparksessions.c...


Thank you guys sooooo much!!!!

This is Laura owner of Colorado Skate University. To my surprise I recieved an e-mail from a friend saying congrats for being best in 2007. Blown away I checked the sight out and sure enough we made it and had no idea about it. My husband said, arn't we supposed to be notified about this, where's our award hahahaha.

On a business note is there some type of logo that we can post on our websight and advertising material that states we are 2007's best???

I'm curious as to how in the world Westward found out about us and how did we become the best for 2007? Did we get nominated from some people?

I hope you guys respond, and thanks so much for your support for the little guys. We truelly appreciate it!