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Best Solution to College Binge Drinking Denver 2007 - Student Emergency Medical Services

As college administrators around the country struggle to combat binge drinking, one student group at the University of Colorado at Boulder has a brilliant idea: Keep students from killing themselves by providing trained EMTs at parties. "I just thought it would be great if college kids could party the way they wanted to, but if something happened there would be someone there to deal with it," says Anthony Rossi, a former CU student who developed Student Emergency Medical Services in 2004. SEMS now has about fifty members, staffs all of CU's sorority parties, is making progress with secretive, reclusive frat brothers and has even branched out to other schools. A sensible approach to college drinking? Imagine that.
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This is the best idea ever! I work part time for Investco and this fall helped out with a party held at Mile High by one of the sororitys. It was a good thing that they were there because several of the girls got so drunk they had to be carried out to the bus. Ahhhh some parents hard earned money at work.