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Best Sports Announcer Denver 2007 - Mike Haynes

Readers' Choice: Josh Gross
The worst thing that's happened to the radio broadcasts of Avalanche games is also the best thing that's happened to television coverage of the team. The irrepressible Mike Haynes, who's now a permanent fixture in the TV booth after establishing himself in the older medium, brings the same elements to Altitude that made him such a favorite among the Fan's listeners: seemingly bottomless enthusiasm, an inimitable style and a knack for saying (and, often, screaming) the very thing that Avs boosters are thinking but can't quite articulate. Most announcers merely call games. Haynes brings them to life -- and now he does so in living color.
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We'll miss you during the playoff season. You're the stone cold nuts. Get well soon!


Congratulations Mike! This is well deserved. I am glad others realize what an asset you are to the Avalanche fans. Thank you for your enthusiasim and love for the game.