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Best Store at Denver International Airport Denver 2007 - Radio Road

Readers' Choice: The Body Shop
No time to pack? No problem. Radio Road has you covered -- literally. You can outfit yourself from head to toe at the store, which opened last year on Concourse A at DIA, and whose only other outlets are at a handful of airports scattered across the country. That's because Radio Road is designed specifically for women on the go -- those who have to shop "on the fly." All of the stock is organized by color and category, so that you can grab a great single piece or an entire ensemble and still catch your plane. Before Radio Road, if you needed to outfit yourself at the airport, you'd have to resort to novelty sweaters, pashmina knockoffs, cowgirl regalia or maybe a "Let's Talk Colorado" sweatshirt and matching socks. But thanks to Radio Road, you can now hit the road running -- and looking darn good.
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Jeanne Williams
Jeanne Williams

I love the Radio Road Store, but found the one in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport this summer. I bought one of their great "slim" wallets and had a smaller one given to me for the holidays by my son and his fiancee'. The only problem I have is trying to order online or find a phone number that works. The one in your writeup is not a working number. Do you know of a way to find this store to order other than when you're at an airport?

Thank you