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Best Sushi Restaurant Denver 2007 - Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa

2401 15th St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Sushi Den
At Sushi Sasa, a meal isn't just about the food, it's about the whole experience of dining. With its white-on-white decor, attentive servers, jewel-box space (with an overflow bar and lounge downstairs) and a menu that stretches the idea of nouvelle Japanese beyond just the over-played tricks of torch-seared salmon skin and sushi-with-sauce, dinner here is a true adventure. And with a chef as skilled as Wayne Conwell running the show, it's an adventure that will always leave you wanting more.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. The service is the best in colorado.

Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital

Agreed, the Poki Hama roll is incredible and the Diablo Roll (packed with 2 kinds of tuna) is the most brain-melting, mouthgasmic sushi roll I've ever had. At nearly double the price of most Sushi Den rolls, the quality comes at a cost. Since I'm either feeling like a millionaire or a cheapskate, I'm glad both places exist. I wish they would serve the Beef Sashimi raw, but it's a minor gripe. Make sure you book ahead at this joint, as it's immensely popular and extremely tiny.