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Best Taste of Denver Denver 2007 - Elway's



2500 E. 1st Ave.

Denver, CO 80206


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If you wanted to give people a true taste of Denver, where would you send them? For us, Elway's -- Big John's eponymous temple of meat -- comes out on top every time. For the scene, the service, the staff and the sly humor implicit in the menu's design, Elway's is that single restaurant that defines what it is to eat in Denver today. There's money here, but there are also plenty of people in blue jeans. Although the restaurant is in Cherry Creek, it could be picked up whole and successfully transplanted to almost any other neighborhood in the city (as proven by the recently announced expansion into the new downtown Ritz-Carlton). And while chef Tyler Wiard and everyone in Elway's kitchen certainly know how to handle a piece of meat, the little flourishes and big hospitality are what set this place apart. Oh, yes, and then there's that connection to a certain quarterback...
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Elway's could not possibly be all that Denver is. We have a strong and proud background of cultures in our city and from it locale to its name it does nothing to represent that. Shame on Westword for using the cultural richness of the city to sell best of issues and then to claim that this restaurant is all that is Denver.