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Best Taste of Hong Kong Denver 2007 - Mee Yee Lin

Mee Yee Lin
This year, the longtime dim sum favorite Mee Yee Lin left West Alameda for Aurora -- but it might as well be Hong Kong, if you're ordering the Hong Kong shrimp dumpling soup. The powerful, salty clear broth is filled with whole-leaf greens and about a dozen wispy, shrimp-packed dumplings that drift like sea anemones around the bottom for a true taste of strange climes and foreign latitudes. Order it with some shumai, another Mee Yee Lin specialty, and you're immediately transported to the mysterious East.
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One more thing...don't be suprised to see the owner and his daughter fight like crazy people inside the restaurant. I feel embarressed for them. I guess that can be a show in itself. HAHA


HA! thats all I can say. The food is decent but i'd got to say this. The owner's family are WHACK! Well atleast the cook and the oldest daughter who also waitress there is CRAZY! I'd rather go to some other dimsum place. I know the whole family and they are some weird ass crazy people!!!! Dun be fooled by the owners daughter.