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Best Taste of Mexico City Denver 2007 - El Taco de México

El Taco de México

El Taco de México

714 Santa Fe Drive

Denver, CO 80204


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All day, every day, whenever you need it and whatever you want: That's the defining joy of having a joint in town like El Taco de M?xico. Though the crowds ebb and flow, the work in the open kitchen is constant, with the women there always chopping, stirring, slicing and cleaning to stay on top of the rushes that hit this place with the constancy of the tides. From standards like crispy rellenos and beef tacos to more traditional Mexican comfort foods like tacos cabeza and menudo on the weekends, El Taco de M?xico does nearly everything better than nearly every other place around. How can you tell? Come Sunday, when all the churches in the neighborhood let out, the wait for a seat at the counter can stretch to an hour or more -- yet the regulars wouldn't think of going anywhere else.
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Based on consistency of the Food, it might not be the best taqueria around. On a good day is very good, but on bad day the asada is rock meets rubberband and the flour tortilla is just rubberband. But I feed on the atmosphere of the place I call new american diner. Where hipsters pass the delicious salsa roja to "earthy" yuppies, then to construction worker, then to a gramma then to me, an asian trying to learn spanish. I beg you to get off the asada and try their specialty toppings like spicy, deeply flavored al pastor, like-butta melt in your mouth lengua and buche (pig intestine), and their famous chile-relleno. And that green chile smothering is tomatillo, chile and pig fat goodness, featured best in their huevos rancheros. And though specialty items are overpriced (ten bux for enchiladas?!) and take few minutes longer to arrive, they are a revelation. My favorite is sopes, a deep fried corn masa crispy on the outside lush and yummy gooey on the inside topped with what it says chicken, but I think that's too bland, I'd shell out few more moola and get the al pastor for topping, wash it down with horchata and I feel like I'm having my birthday meal.