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Best Taste of Old North Denver Denver 2007 - Three Sons

Three Sons
For generations, Three Sons served as the defining taste of Italian cuisine in north Denver -- but a few years ago, the place was almost moribund. Then came changes in ownership, in kitchen staff, in menu, even in style, and Three Sons has gone from bad to very, very good. It still looks like a cast-off movie set from some un-produced Godfather sequel, it still smells like garlic all the way out into the parking lot on a good night. But with its new focus on classical Italian cooking and quality ingredients, Three Sons could be a worthy restaurant for generations to come.
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Paul Gambino
Paul Gambino

Food was mediocre, decor is great, service was good, owner was rude and inappropriate. Not friendly to customers and chewed out an employee in full view of customers. Because of that I will never go back.


I was going to a show at the Oriental Theatre and met some friends here for a quick dinner. I was not expecting the exceptional service and elegant presentations nor was I expecting the best Italian food I've had since moving to Colorado. I have gone back several times since and recommend Three Sons to everyone looking for great Italian cuisine. The prices were very reasonable as well but parking can be tricky when it's busy, the lot is small.