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Best Taste of What Might've Been Denver 2007 - Griff's Burger Bar

Griff\'s Burger Bar

Griff's Burger Bar

742 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80209


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The exact history of the Griff's Burger Bar chain is somewhat sketchy, but had the fast-food industry gone a little differently, we like to think that Griff's might have been a victor in the drive-thru burger war. We can imagine a time when Griff's -- not Burger King, not McDonald's -- would have come out on top and blanketed the world with its weird, A-frame, car-cult cheeseburgery goodness. Why? Because a Griff's burger kicks the shit out of anything served at Mickey D's. So does a Griff's shake. So do its fries. And its mascot -- some kind of bizarre little midget clown thing -- is definitely better than anything ever dreamed up by the suits on Madison Avenue. But even if Griff's never made the final cut in the real world, Denver still has two of its original outposts. And they're the best.
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Me and my BF come here whenever we feel like eating something bad and yet ohh soo good. Their fountain soda even rocks! I would recommend this to anybody who is sick of Mcd & the King. Everything tastes like the good ol days. yum!


Griff's (Olde Town Arvada) may quite possibly the worst fast food burger I've ever had. I gave it 2 chances based on this review and really wanted it to be good, but I can't agree with Sheehan on this one. About the only saving grace from the menu are the onion rings (really good) and fries. The burger was sloppy and the bun fell apart like a partially stale bun should. If it would have been 1 visit, I'd reserve writing a comment but our second visit produced the same results. Sorry, Griff's of Olde Town Arvada, but you suck.