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Best Therapeutic Poetry Organization Denver 2007 - Art From Ashes

Life isn't always easy for the young. And high-risk youth whose lives are impacted by violence, drugs and alcohol sometimes don't have the opportunity to find their voices or learn to express themselves. To combat that, Art From Ashes collaborates with other youth-service organizations to offer poetry and spoken-word workshops for kids who are homeless, incarcerated, in the court system or residing in treatment centers or just urban settings. Art From Ashes encourages emotional catharsis and expression through writing therapy, giving kids their voices before they lose them forever.
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Wow. Thanks so much for the award and for capturing our mission and purpose so succinctly. I've been in the Denver community for more than two decades working with youth, and Westword (except for Kenny Be!) has always supported our work with youth and my work in the Colorado poetry community. You guys rock!