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Best Unauthorized Dog Park Denver 2007 - Hirshorn Park

Hirshorn Park

Hirshorn Park

16th and Erie streets

Denver, CO 80211

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When a neighborhood is in transition, everything is in the process of becoming something else. In Wash Park and Cherry Creek North, the last bungalows are transitioning into three-unit, three-story townhomes. In LoDo, the last warehouses are transitioning into lofts. And in Highland, the neighborhood du jour just north of downtown, a traditional baseball diamond built for immigrant children more than fifty years ago is now transitioning into an unauthorized dog park. Hirshorn Park only takes up half a block, and half of that space is fenced off for a playground and softball diamond. But the chain link that was so good at stopping out-of-bound balls is equally good at stopping off-leash dogs. And since Highland's new residents seem to be raising more dogs than kids, park usage has picked up. For the health and safety of everyone, let's hope the dog poop is, too.
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Thank you Westword for ensuring yet more irresponsible dog owners will come and let their dogs tear up the grass and infield of a perfectly good ball field. Kudos for noting that there are more dogs than kids�be sure and tell that to the many youth t-ball and softball teams that have to run around in dog poop covered outfields. This is NOT a dog park and should not be advertised as one. Your position is a selfish and elitist one with little or no regard to the neighborhood kids. Shame on you!