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Best Vegetarian Indian Denver 2007 - Masalaa



3140 S. Parker Road

Aurora, CO 80014


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Creamed spinach can be great, but the best friend that creamed spinach ever had was a steak. Make that the best American friend that creamed spinach ever had was a steak, because there are plenty of ethnic restaurants where vegetarianism is not about the denial of pleasure (read: meat), but the glorification of vegetables. And at Masalaa, you'll be so busy eating creamed spinach with twenty different spices and squeaky cubes of cheese -- better known as saag paneer -- that you won't give a thought to the missing pork chops or porterhouse. There's just too much on this menu to enjoy. The gigantic food-as-art dosa are meals in themselves, the innumerable chickpea creations are excellent, and every creamy, rich and stunningly complex sauce is a masterwork.
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Pls let me know the indian restaurants (south indian and north indian) at Biel, Switzerland. Biel is about 125 km from Zurich.

I also would like to know if there are any hotel accomodation with Indian food. It can be a hotel / service apartment / room with kitchen / etc..



Hi,You're right that it's the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Denver, but I think it's less because of the saag paneer, which features such a prominent role in your review, and more because of the delicious, unique South Indian food they serve. Most Americans are familiar with North Indian food which is richer and more dairy based like paneer, but South Indian food has a refreshing lightness while still maintaining its flavor. Even in India, at least in Mumbai, most vegetarian restaurants serve South Indian food and it is immensely popular.I love the dosas, the idlis, the coconut chutney and the sambar at Masalaa. Even better try some of the Bombay street fair which is almost impossible to find any where else but Masalaa.