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Best Vietnamese Restaurant Denver 2007 - Kim Ba

Kim Ba

Kim Ba

2495 S. Havana St.

Aurora, CO 80014


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Readers' Choice: New Saigon
Denver is heaven for fans of Vietnamese food. We've got the good stuff and the bad stuff, the authentic and the fake. We've got more pho restaurants than you can shake a stick at, and dozens of good noodle-bowl joints. But when we're really craving all that Vietnamese cooking can be, we head for Kim Ba. Not only is this one of the oldest Vietnamese restaurants in the area, but it's the best at anything off the grill (which is one-third of all Vietnamese cuisine) or over noodles (which is the second third, the last being pho -- which can be found at plenty of other spots). For the appetizer combo alone -- a massive collection of grilled meats and noodles and greens and little fried things that we can't even pronounce -- Kim Ba would take the prize, but this menu goes on for several pages after that, and every dish is a winner.
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Jenna Husted
Jenna Husted

Kim Ba is awesome! In addition to the plentiful (and delicious!) noodle and appetizer offerings, if you ever try the fried rice here (my favorite is the veggie fried rice) you will never want to get it elsewhere. The amount and quality of food you get here for the price is simply unbeatable!