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Best Wine List for Mortals Denver 2007 - Z Cuisine

Z Cuisine

Z Cuisine

2239 W. 30th Ave.

Denver, CO 80211


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If you know almost nothing about wine, can't speak French and couldn't care less about growing region, age, legs, microclimatology or varietals but still don't want to make a fool out of yourself by accidentally ordering the French equivalent of a bottle of Mad Dog to go with your cassoulet, Z Cuisine has the solution. On the wall near the bar is a chalkboard that lists the wine of the day. It's never terribly expensive, usually interesting in some way you probably won't understand, and can be ordered simply by pointing -- which you should do with a certain attitude of world-weary ?lan. Z Cuisine's vin de la maison offers an easy, eminently drinkable choice that saves you from having to peruse the list and pretend you know what you're looking at.
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