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Best Arts Community Builder Denver 2008 - Kim Harrell
East End Applied Arts

Kim HarrellEast End Applied Arts

Kim Harrell
East End Applied Arts

576 Hanover Way

Aurora, CO 80010


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Talented silversmith, gallery owner with an eye for good design, community arts organizer, Aurora politician: Kim Harrell is a walking work of art. As the Aurora Art in Public Places Commission Chair, she helped bring work by local artists to the suburb's depressed downtown and East Colfax corridor. And in 2006, she took her mission one step further, founding the East End Artists Association, which sponsors periodic district art walks.
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Sharon Duwaik
Sharon Duwaik

East End Art Walk in Aurora

June 13th, 5-9pm

Start at Sunrise Arts 1556 Florence Street---Kim's East End Art Gallery, Florence Griffith Pottery Studio, Ad Lopez and the other artists there. Then travel to the Mud Hut, Red Delicious Press, Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, The Other Side Arts, Lacewing, Martin Luther King Library, Lucille Morses's Studio, and many other locations.........(I can't remember them all, I might have missed someone....)

The Aurora Arts District is GROWING thanks to Kim Harrell and many creative persons in the area........ :)

Sharon Duwaik
Sharon Duwaik

...and don't forget the incredible Original Aurora staff -- (Peg Alt (community art organizer) and Lucille Morse (Aurora Artist) who together singlehandedly) presented an amazing Master Pieces Community art project---it involved over 350 community members who painted 12" x12" squares of twelve famous master piece paintings. City council members, the mayor, city staff, neighborhood residents, kids from the local schools, police officers, local restaurants, local art galleries, local art programs, Aurora businesses--- painted the 12'"x 12'" squares which were then put together in 36 - tiles into massive paintings---the event culminated in an elegant Community Wine and Cheese evening where the finished apintings were auctioned. The proceeds will go towards funding Community Arts Projects this year 2008. One of the auctioned paintings was later used in another fundraiser which raised an additional $60,000 for a housing organization.

And the Community Art Team finally placed in year 2007 their giant 14' blue chair---the original chair project raised $80,000, the proceeds went to fund art projects in the community and the 14' blue chair sculpture.

We are really growing out here in Aurora!! Come see the East End Art Walk on June 13th from 5-9pm.