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Best Asian Sandwich Denver 2008 - Ba Le Sandwich

Ba Le Sandwich

Ba Le Sandwich

1044 S. Federal Blvd.

Denver, CO 80219


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Ba Le Sandwich, a small, brightly lit sandwich shop smack in the middle of Denver's best Vietnamese-restaurant neighborhood, is a destination both for Vietnamese immigrants looking for an honest taste of home and adventurous gastronauts looking for a taste of foreign climes on the cheap. Both appreciate the banh mi, the classical collision of French and Vietnamese culinary tradition that resulted in a wonderful spread of sandwiches — most of them some variety of pork — on short baguettes. At Ba Le, you'll find sliced pork and spicy pork, pork pâté and pork cutlets, with topping options of sliced cucumbers, sprouts — whatever you like. No matter what you choose, you'll get out the door for under five bucks, with a lunch that beats any fast-food offering.
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Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun

Tried the BBQ Pork and the Grilled Chicken sandwiches for lunch today. Absolutely delicious and what a steal @ 2.75 each !!! Highly recommended.