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Best Bar Band Denver 2008 - The Informants

Plenty of musicians take umbrage if their group is called a bar band. Still, the finest acts with this label don't need open taps or drink specials to work their magic; their playing is intoxicating enough. Witness the Informants, which boasts killer brass, a driving rhythm section, a lead singer (Kerry Pastine) capable of starting any party, and songs such as "Stuck on You" (from the album Stiletto Angel) that sound just as good to a designated driver as the folks along for the ride.
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Cyndy & Sam Morreale
Cyndy & Sam Morreale

I LOVE THESE GUYS! First heard them in Idaho Springs @ The WestWinds.... and many places since. They are the epitomy of what I look for in Blues!

Haven't been able to hear them lately, but will soon.

CONGRATS MAC, PAUL and all.... Cyndy & Samused to own Mangia! sold it and its still hot!

Come back to Idaho Springs or somewhere in Clear Creek County!


Congrats to a deserving band. See them once and you'll be stuck on them!