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Best Bar Burger Denver 2008 - My Brother's Bar

My Brother\'s Bar

My Brother's Bar

2376 15th St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Although Bud's Bar still makes the area's best burger, the burger at My Brother's Bar comes very close — and it's flavored by decades of tradition, since this address has been a bar longer than any other location in Denver, back to at least 1880. But unlike a Bud's burger, which we can take outside and eat while sitting on the hood of a car with no noticeable diminution in its essential excellence, a burger at My Brother's should be eaten at the bar, where you have handy access to both the plastic condiment carrier (packed with onions, pepperoncini, relish and pickles) and a long, laudable history.
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D Kimsey
D Kimsey

John is right. The last burger I had at MBB was overcooked, dry and tasteless. Ick, no thanks.


Have you had a My Brothers bar burger lately? Not what they used to me and I'm quite sad. I'd have a JCB twice a month if they would figure it out again. What's with the cutting into the center of the burger with the turner when they put it on the grill. Not good.