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Best Booze and Bellies Denver 2008 - Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace

Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace

Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace

950 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO 80302


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Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace may have a funny name, but it takes its booze very, very seriously. From day one, the staff has been exhorted to think of the bar as an extension of the kitchen — a place where only the best ingredients and most rigorous prep will be accepted. The results are some seriously powerful and seriously delicious classic cocktails which, once you've knocked back a few, require something equally good and very filling from the kitchen. Which is where the bellies come in — pork bellies, in this case, used to make the incomparable cheesy pork-belly masa cake. On its own, this dish would be reason to drive to Boulder, but it's just one entry on a menu chock-full of the varied flavors of Central and South America.
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Centro is undoubtably the best! Service, drinks and food are spot on! This coming from a restaurant owner herself! Ask for Tage, the best GM I've ever known. He'll hook you up with the most amazing Tequila to rival sister restaurant Zolo!! Thanks Tage! You Rock!