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Best Bus for People-Watching Denver 2008 - RTD's #15

No matter how much the city cleans up East Colfax Avenue, RTD's #15 bus will always be the true gauge of this neighborhood. Hop on between Colorado and Broadway, and listen to East High School students talking with the homeless. Or as happy hour turns to night, watch as drunken blue-collars heading home from the strip's rougher bars rub shoulders with twenty-something hipsters on their way to hear live music. Conversation is the sole soundtrack to this route, because music is allowed with headphones only — and you'd better have exact change, because RTD doesn't dish any out. Other than that, though, no rules apply and all bets are off. Whether you're chatting with an immigrant about the world he left behind or hoping that the drug dealer to your left will leave you alone, the #15 delivers the bold, hard facts on the real Colfax.
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Having lived in CO for 43 years, I\'ve ridden the 15 on and off for what seems like forever. It is the ultimate bus to observe people--from blue-collar workers to recently released folks from jail or gang-bangers or gang-banger wannabes, to homeless just trying to either (a) stay warm or (b) do something when there\'s nothing to do for free. There\'s always somebody to listen to or observe, it\'s never a boring ride! And sometimes the bus driver is really nice and helpful when needed.