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Best Cheap Lunch Denver 2008 - Johnny's Diner - CLOSED

Johnny\'s Diner

Johnny's Diner

2323 S. Havana St.

Aurora, CO 80014


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A $2.89 blue-plate special at lunch? You can't beat that — not even if you go through a McDonald's drive-thru for a Happy Meal. And while a Mickey D's lunch will do nothing but make you feel bad for eating such junk, at Johnny's you're not only getting real lunch from an honest-to-Jesus local business, but you're getting a little kick of history with your meal. Both the style and concept of this place — a counter-service, plastic-tray car-cult joint with a freaky kick of Golden Age Americana oozing from every inch — pre-date our country's obsession with fast food, making Johnny's a window back onto a simpler time. A time when the phrase "Nothin' could be finer than dinner [or lunch] at the diner" really meant something. At Johnny's, it means good food for a very good price.
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My boyfriend and I discovered this place on a hungover Sunday morning and were floored! We got the Huevos Rancheros (on special for $6 and change) and it was great. Soooooo meaty (pork green chile and bacon), soooooo greasy, sooooooo good for hangovers. The cinnamon roll we had for dessert was pretty fantastic too! This is probably only a once a month occassion though....because it really is the greasiest, juiciest food ever!


Saw the review and decided to head over for the blue plate special. The meal consisted of 2 eggs, toast and home fries. Granted, the home fries were pretty good but I rather order off the $1 menu and get much more food for $3.00. BTW. The blueplate special is no longer $2.89 but $3.29.