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Best Club Expansion Denver 2008 - Hiccups III

Hiccups III

Hiccups III

7980 Sheridan Blvd.

Arvada, CO 80003


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The first two Hiccups sports bars are known for hot bartenders and waitresses wearing ass-less chaps with their panties. But when Hiccups III took over this former Brewski's location, the owners stepped things up, making this third spot the biggest and possibly the baddest of the bunch, with a big stage that attracts cover bands and the like (hell, even Jimmie Van Zant has played here) on weekends and Wednesdays, which also happens to be a good night for the ladies, who can drink free from 9 p.m. to midnight. And Monday through Friday, everyone can quench their thirst with five-dollar pitchers of beer. Let's see: hot chicks, cheap beer, live music. Sounds like a winning formula to us.
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I have only lived here since June and I have already found my favorite bar in the area. I love hiccups! I always have so much fun there, the bartenders are not only hot...they are all super friendly and fun, they make sure to make you feel welcome, and they know how to make drinks. the place usually has a good crowd, the bands are talented and the space is nice. Come on out if you are looking for a goodtime and bring your friends! (the juke box is good too when there aren't bands!


Thank you to everyone who voted for Hiccups III! We love our customers and thank you guys for supporting Hiccups I, II and III all of the time!!!! One more and we're outta here...