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Best Crepes Denver 2008 - Crepes 'n Crepes

Crepes \'n Crepes

Crepes 'n Crepes

2816 E. 3rd Ave.

Denver, CO 80206


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A crepe, when done correctly, is simple — just a wrapper that holds all the good stuff in one place. But while it's simple, it can also be delicious. And no place in town makes more correct, simply delicious crepes than Crepes 'n Crepes. That's because Crepes 'n Crepes is uncompromisingly, unabashedly and unstintingly French. The cooks are French. Owners Kathy Knight and Alain Veratti have imported all their iron crepe griddles from France. The ingredients and preparations — the camembert and Chambord, ratatouille and sauce aux champignons — are French. And even the space itself — the ramshackle, patched, plastered dining rooms, the cramped back bar — gives off the honest vibe of café-along-the-Seine frugality and charming disorder.
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We have eaten breakfast at the Larimer Square location for the last time. We have been disappointed twice and won't repeat this mistake again. The crepe was so overcooked, I couldn't cut it easily even with a knife and fork. The coffee is delicious but only comes with one cup. We asked for a refill (only one) and our cup was filled 1/3 full. We had to ask for our check 3 times and then went inside to get it. Lingering over breakfast sounds nice, but it usually accompanies something to eat and drink. We spent more time with a glass of water than anything. I expect more when dining someplace and I spend over an hour there.