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Best Everyday Italian Restaurant Denver 2008 - Patsy's Inn

Patsy\'s Inn

Patsy's Inn

3651 Navajo St.

Denver, CO 80211


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Beyond the homemade pasta and authentic decor, Patsy's has something special going for it: consistency. For decades, Patsy's has soldiered on — always dependably good, always serving exactly what you want when you're craving a big plate of spaghetti dotted with clams and a glass of something cheap, red and fruity. Patsy's may not be breaking any culinary ground, and it certainly won't be getting a center spread in Food Arts any time soon, but that's okay with us. As long as it keeps charging us reasonably, treating us decently and sending us home full, we're happy.
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Yeahhh! It's nice to know that not too much has changed there. I worked there years ago and have sometimes thought of making a visit just to eat...cant decide what. Balsamic or meatballs, whatever. Lots of good memories with staff and where are they all now? Shoot. Well deserved and dammit the best news is not change. Congats Patsy's!!