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Best Forward-Thinking DJ/Promoter Denver 2008 - Peter Black

"I don't follow trends. Trends follow me." While we'd be hard-pressed to pinpoint the exact origin of that declaration, if might as well have come from Peter Black (aka DJ Aztec, aka Pete Gurule). For well over a decade, this shapeshifting DJ and promoter has been exposing us to styles ranging from acid jazz and trip-hop to drum-and-bass and Afrobeat to electro and indie rock. Recently, he's even added space disco and psych rock. Here's to going Black to the future.
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Shane C.
Shane C.

Again. What a bunch of losers. No wonder nothing cool happens in this city. You assholes are too busy talking shit to get anything done.


What a joke, have you ever heard this guy mix records? Not a good look. Come on Peter, your shit is tired as fuck. We are sick of hearing how "I don't follow trends. Trends follow me" seriously????

Westword gets my vote "Best clueless weekly".