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Best Fried Cheese Denver 2008 - Big Hoss Bar-B-Q - CLOSED

Big Hoss Bar-B-Q

Big Hoss Bar-B-Q

3961 Tennyson St.

Denver, CO 80212


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Of all the things that man has invented over the course of history — the wheel, zombie movies, the interweb — fried cheese has to be in the top ten. And no one in Denver does fried cheese better than Hoss Orwat and his crew at Big Hoss Bar-B-Q. Their version is a decidedly Midwestern take — batter-dipped curds of cheddar, perfectly fried, dusted with parmesan cheese and salt and that dried green parsley dandruff, then served in a portion large enough to clog every artery in a grown man's body. It's a wonderful dish, completely over-the-top white-trash decadent. And for our money, there'd be no better way to go than a massive, four-barrel heart attack brought on by over-ingestion of Hoss's fried cheese.
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Yeah they're really good... but not worth $7.99 an order.