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Best Fried Chicken Denver 2008 - Rocky Mountain Diner - CLOSED

Rocky Mountain Diner

Rocky Mountain Diner

800 18th St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Tom's Home Cookin'
The difference between good fried chicken and bad fried chicken is a narrow margin — a few degrees of heat on the pan, a few millimeters of breading or batter. But the difference between good fried chicken and great fried chicken is huge, often measured in things like generations, miles and state lines. And while the Rocky Mountain Diner is physically far from Kansas City, the hot, greasy center of the fried chicken universe, it's very close in spirit. The fried chicken here is as close to the skillet-fried KC original as you're going to find in Colorado. The chicken is cooked to order in old, heavy skillets, served hot and in huge portions. The batter is just crispy enough, the meat never dry, the sides (mashed potatoes, gravy, forgettable vegetables) comfortingly classic, and the Rocky Mountain Diner itself as cool a place to eat chicken as you're likely to find outside the Paris of the Plains.
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Jim Westenlounder
Jim Westenlounder

I prefer Tom's Home Cookin' because it is real Southern and delicious fried chicken with the best sides in the city and at a great value for your lunch dollar. Collards, Yams, great Mac & Cheese, Peach Cobbler, tastiest green beans, real good Mashers , Black-eyed peas, Broccoli Rice Cheese casserole, Okra Succotash and many others. I've never had a bad meal here! Excellent Catfish and BBQ Pork also. The fastest counter service in the city. Owners are always on premises which I think makes this place shine.