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Best Fried Pickles and Samosa Denver 2008 - British Bulldog

British Bulldog

British Bulldog

2052 Stout St.

Denver, CO 80205


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The British Bulldog is an odd duck even for a city like Denver, which is full of odd ducks. Here you'll find the British tradition of mixing bangers-and-mash comfort food with Indo-Pakistani tiffin tin in full swing, so you can get an expertly pulled pint, a side of Scotch sausages and a plate of Peshawari chicken or chappli kebabs all in the same place. The Bulldog also does English breakfasts, shows a lot of soccer, hosts a wild crowd of locals and regulars, and exists in a space with such a long-lived bar-room history that there are scars on the long oak far older than most of the customers.
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Those somosas are good, but I have to concur that Isaac could get some best of love as one of the nicest owners out there.


Such a fabulous little place. Go Saturday monrings (they open at 7!) have the English breakfast, watch some soccer with some true fans, and say hi to Isaac- nicest owner in the city!