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Best Fried Plantains Denver 2008 - Red Tango

Red Tango

Red Tango

5807 W. 38th Ave.

Denver, CO 80212


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Red Tango does a lot of things very, very well. The menu includes excellent arepas, rellenos, enchiladas with cocoa mole, potato cakes and potato soup and fried potatoes. But what this kitchen does best (and it's not an easy task) is plantains: fried, thick-cut and buttery, crisp at the edges and gooey in the middle.
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D Kimsey
D Kimsey

If you go here for only the fried plantains you are really missing out! Their food is fabulous, the service exemplary and oh, did I mention the food? It is wonderful.


Good service, decent food, good portion size, great deserts and plantains.