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Best Fusion Restaurant Denver 2008 - Izakaya Den

Izakaya Den

Izakaya Den

1487 S. Pearl St.

Denver, CO 80210


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Readers' Choice: Zengo
Miso soup? Check. Homemade Satsuma-age and nikumaki with burdock root? Check. For about thirty seconds, Izakaya Den seems like nothing more than a late-night version of Sushi Den, its sibling across the street. But then you see the panzanella salad on the menu, the roasted red and yellow beets with green tea-smoked mozzarella, the curried Maine lobster with apricot-shallot veloute, and you begin to wonder just what kind of restaurant you've wandered into. At Izakaya Den, the seemingly impossible fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine (with a touch of Indian flavor, a hint of French technique) comes together beautifully and with such precision that, at the close of the meal, you're left wondering not why someone would attempt such a weird amalgam, but why nobody thought of it sooner.
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Howard Leeds
Howard Leeds

Executive Chef Gabe Stallone has created a menu which is so diverse and gastronomically delightful, we just could not decide what specially featured items to order, so we ordered a combination of many and shared! Thoroughly remarkable and enjoyabe! We will certainly return upon our next trip to Denver. Keep on making those very special entrees. Gabe must have a very keen sense of how to use the most delectable and rare herbs and foods! A Master Chef to be!


Thank you to Gabe Stallone - Executive Chef - for creating one of the most amazing and delicious menus this city has ever seen!