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Best Happy-Hour Tacos Denver 2008 - Kiva - CLOSED



3090 Downing St.

Denver, CO 80205


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With $2 happy-hour beers — including imports — and a happy hour that actually stretches for three hours, until 7 p.m., this Southwestern joint is already a winner. But the purchase of two happy-hour beers or two of Kiva's signature blue KivaRitas (also $2 each) also buys you free rein at the taco bar. The plates and shells are small, but there's plenty of meat, cheese, veggies, chips and salsa, so if you don't mind making a few trips, it's not hard to make an entire meal out of happy hour here. And there's always a surprise appetizer — like deep-fried tacos — thrown in for good measure.
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I dined here a few months ago, and was impressed with the building, and layout of the restaurant. I was NOT impressed with the dinner food. The menu seemed vast and delicious, but the reality was far from! With the INSTANT MASHED POTATOES, and the Pita bread soft tacos, I didn't even want a to go box.

The food seemed manufactured, not fresh and from a box. Maybe I should have got the Dorito encrusted chicken fingers...


KIVA is no longer in business