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Best High-End Italian Restaurant Denver 2008 - Venice Ristorante & Winebar

Venice Ristorante & Winebar

Venice Ristorante & Winebar

1700 Wynkoop St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Maggiano's Little Italy
As far as Italian food goes in Denver, it doesn't get any better than Venice. As a matter of fact, as far as Italian food goes just about anywhere outside of Italy (and possibly parts of New York and Philadelphia), it doesn't get any better than Venice, the restaurant that Alessandro Carollo opened in the massive space vacated by Adega. The menus here are like dreams of Italian menus for landlocked gourmands who've never had the good fortune to travel to Italy themselves, featuring beautiful, artful and, ultimately, simple Italian cooking. From fresh mozzarella dimpled by grains of salt to ravioli parmigiana stuffed with almost liquid mozzarella, puréed tomato and parmesan to the silkily decadent lobster ravioli and Roman gnocchi, every dish is superb and served with style.
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If this is the best Denver has to offer then it's a sad statement for how far this city still needs to progress to compete with the larger cities. As far as cuisine itself goes the restaurant is not too bad. Still nothing to write home about. The service however is where Venice really fails. Our waiter was very rude and complained about a standard 20% tip that was given to him stating oh "it's worse than I thought." Most people would of given him a 1% gratuity based upon the service he had provided to us. Westword needs to choose it's best of list with more care as Venice should be in your worst of category. As far as restaurants go, Denver is still a small cow town when compared to real restaurants like Bertrands at Mister A's in San Diego and George's at the Cove in La Jolla. Please get it right next time and remove this atrocity of a restaurant named Venice Ristorante.