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Best International Kosher Deli Denver 2008 - East Side Kosher Deli

East Side Kosher Deli

East Side Kosher Deli

499 S. Elm St.

Denver, CO 80246


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For almost twenty years, Michael and Marcy Schreiber have overseen this large kosher oasis that stocks everything from candies and snacks to Hanukkah candles and kosher ramen. There's a bakery, a very busy deli counter (complete with an old-fashioned plastic-number dispenser to keep an orderly flow), a fish department (specializing in lox, natch) and, all the way in the back, a small, add-on restaurant that serves up deli sandwiches, blintzes, knishes from the bakery, herring salad and chopped liver, as well as short ribs (beef, of course), fish tacos, fish and chips, Louisiana gumbo, North African lamb stew and such "Oriental specialties" as sweet-and-sour chicken and beef stir-fry. True, most people seem to stick to the basics: scrambled eggs with salami, matzo ball soup and bagels with lox. But nowhere else in Denver will you find taquitos, tongue sandwiches and blackened ahi with wasabi sharing space on the same menu.
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My wife, Jeri Crow would like to thank the many great Jewish people that came in to Eastside Kosher Deli just to say hi while she was a cashier there. Its sad that the owners, Michael and Marcy have gone thru so many employees in the past but then this I'm sure is due to their mis-treatment of their employees, Yelling all the time, treating them like dogs and yet these good employees keep coming to work hating it but coming anyway. And the fact that the owners keep putting new dated stickers on old stickers of old meat is appalling to me and a risk to every customers health who might have a low immune system who buys meat and foods from this place. The fact that the health department is so far up the owners rear explains why they have a bug infestation problem in the building, Silverfish and Cockroaches. Their sewer system is so bad that it smells terrible in the resturant and other parts of the store, and the owners refusal to spend the needed thousands of dollars to repair everything and bring it up to current standards so its just a matter of time before this store is closed and closed for good. And no my wife and I don't judge Jewish people by the way Michael and Marcy treat people we have had the luck of knowing some great Jewish people and they are appalled as well at the way the owners of Eastside Kosher Deli treat their employee's and their customers as well. Mike&Jeri Crow!