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Best Irish Barbecue Denver 2008 - Cabin Creek Smokehouse Barbeque

Cabin Creek Smokehouse Barbeque

Cabin Creek Smokehouse Barbeque

25997 Conifer Road

Conifer, CO 80433


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Okay, so there really isn't anything called Irish barbecue. But if there were, it would probably look just like the BBQ masher at Cabin Creek Smokehouse. This is the ultimate barbecue-junkie hangover food: a bowl of mashed red-skin potatoes topped with pulled pork, topped again with cheese and again with sour cream. And while you can continue on from there — adding brisket, chili, barbecue sauce and whatever else is close at hand — we believe that nothing more is needed to make this a perfect meal. Except maybe a couple pints of Sir Arthur Guinness's best.
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