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Best Japanese Restaurant Denver 2008 - Domo Restaurant

Domo Restaurant

Domo Restaurant

1365 Osage St.

Denver, CO 80204


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Readers' Choice: Tokyo Joe's
Year after year, Domo never fails to impress with its rigid adherence to the traditional cuisine of Northern Japan, its unwavering commitment to authenticity in ingredients and preparation, and the fact that we somehow can sit, stuffing our faces, for two hours on what is essentially an old tree stump and still get up at the end of dinner without feeling crippled by the experience. From the serenity of the Japanese garden in the back to the usually raucous (but occasionally weirdly quiet) dining room, Domo is a half-meditative, half-sensual place — and a meal here can either calm the spirit or excite the senses, depending on what you order and what you're in the mood for. Although the service varies between charmingly informal and coldly standoffish, the food is never less than excellent, never anything but true to the tastes and flavors of the culture it celebrates.
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Once again, the rabble of readers show their awesome taste in Japanese food by voting for Tokyo Joe's...

Anyway, Domo is in a league of its own. There's absolutely nothing better than sitting in that table for one that faces out towards the garden, sipping a shoga cha (ginger/honey tea), and sitting over a ridiculous bowl of flora and fauna in the Vegetarian Nabemono... It's best for lunch because the portions are outstanding and you can get out of there for under $10 with tea and tip if you eat vegetarian. And those side dishes are the best things ever -- so simple and tasty, and it makes the meal seem even more of a bargain.

Everything is good, most things are GREAT and many are completely unique to Domo. Nothing else like it in Denver or within 1000 miles of it. My favorite restaurant bar-none when it's all said and done. Yeah, Sushi Sasa and the various other Japanese places are amazing in their own right, but Domo does everything on another level of authenticity and without pricing themselves like they're selling slices of gold.