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Best Kick in the Balls of the Music Scene Denver 2008 - "Denver Music and Other Anomalies"
FM Magazine

Every scene needs a Zachary Vora. In the second issue of FM (Fucking Mountains), Vora took the Denver music scene and all its sacred cows to task, essentially asserting that while some acts are a big deal here, the rest of the country could give two shits — and so we should stop being so goddamn self-congratulatory about the whole thing. He's partially right, of course; at times, we risk dislocating our shoulders as we pat ourselves on the back. Just the same, we've got it good here, and we don't need validation from people who live elsewhere to take pride in that fact. Every scene needs an agitator to keep things grounded, and Monsieur Vora — whoever he may be — is ours.
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Chris Adolf
Chris Adolf

I LOVED this article that FM did! They hit the nail on the head!


Don't pretend you don't know who he is, Westword. We see through your little game.