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Best Mile-High Hunt Denver 2008 - Mile High Amazing Race

The second annual Mile High Amazing Race is scheduled for Saturday, May 17, in downtown Denver, which should give you enough time to gather your team of four and prepare for the adventure. For $55 a person (which, incidentally, counts as a tax-deductible contribution to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), teams decipher clues requiring them to race to checkpoints throughout the city, overcoming challenges, detours and roadblocks and interacting with hired actors. Teams are awarded points based on speed, strategy and discovering hidden bonus challenges. It's not really a race, and it's not really a scavenger hunt: It's a challenge of technique and the ability to think creatively, all while vying for fantastic prizes. Last year's first-place package was worth $1,500, but every team had the chance to win free Chipotle burritos, airline tickets and massages throughout the game. On your mark...
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