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Best Name Change Denver 2008 - Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens

2000 Elitch Circle

Denver, CO 80204


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Old-time Denverites never quite sidled up to the idea of "Six Flags" Elitch Gardens. While it might not have made a difference to the typical thrill-seeking park-goer, anyone who remembers the real Elitch Gardens that once thrived near the now-redeveloped intersection of 38th Avenue and Tennyson Street must have smiled, at least a little bit, when Six Flags dumped the relocated Platte Valley amusement park and the new management company immediately reinstated the original name. Now, if they could only conjure up the beautiful flower-filled pathways and picnic grounds of yore, the once-renowned Trocadero Ballroom or the original Wildcat and Mister Twister roller coasters.
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Patti O'Gara
Patti O'Gara

BonFils Theatre was also here at Elitch's Gardens and in the fall, they would have a sale on the wonderful hanging baskets full of flowers weighing almost 50-100 pounds. We used to purchase them for our home. The ballroom was also wonderful to visit and the walks among the flowers, no matter where you were in the park was one of the most beautiful in the world.Those of us who lived there during the glamorous years have memories as do our children that can never be erased. I have no desire to see their modern version. Denver used to be a beautiful place to live but like all cities, it succumbs to greed.


Actually the thing I always think of when I think about the old Eliych Gardens is the nasty gum tree. Nobody could look away from it.