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Best New Club Denver 2008 - Below

Readers' Choice: Thëorie
Nearly two years after opening the basement-level Slim 7, Bill Ward expanded his subterranean empire to the other side of Larimer Square, taking over the 6,000-square-foot space that formerly housed the Champion Brewing Company and transforming it into two clubs, Pie Hole and Below. They're about as yin and yang as it gets: Pie Hole is the brightly lit, sparsely finished late-night pizza joint, while Below is a dark, candle-filled gothic lair pulled out of the pages of an Anne Rice novel. Nosferatu would foam at the mouth at the sight of this killer den — but to make sure the place stays lively, Ward has brought in nationally known DJs, as well as Lipgloss DJ Michael Trundle, who helms the club's weekly Recession Wednesdays.
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Below??? Really? Yaaaawwn....

C'mon Denver, all these clubs are as predictable as the next including the lame people that frequent. As for B-Low, anyone that has been there knows the sound is AWFUL. C'mon Bill Ward, spend some of your bucks on decent speakers. My crappy car has better sound.

I know they're not "new" but clubs/bars like Double Daughter's, and even the new and swanky Sugar House Lounge deserve waaaay more attention than the same 'ol homogenized scenery. Double Daughters and Sugar House Lounge are at least unique, especially Sugar House with it's more affluent and mature crowd.

When is Denver ever going to get it??? Maybe some of the locals need to take the lead of places like Sugar House and Double Daughters and add creativity and new life into the club scene.