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Best New Store on Broadway Denver 2008 - Goodwill Industries of Denver

Goodwill Industries of Denver

Goodwill Industries of Denver

21 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80203


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Readers' Choice: Kozo Fine Art Materials
Goodwill glitz? Who'da thunk it? This SoBo Goodwill outlet is the closest thing we've ever seen to Rodeo Drive in a thrift store. Okay — we jest. But the shiny, new, extra-large, two-floor budget boutique has plenty of racks ripe for the picking, with overflowing shelves of knick-knacks, a coffee nook, a book shop and a basement full of sports gear and furniture finds, as well as a hardworking staff with an out-of-the-ordinary Baker vibe. Our favorite section, though, is the "Trends" rack, where some of the store's best hand-me-downs hang. Anyone with a good imagination will know exactly what to do with these.
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