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Best Occasional Tamales Denver 2008 - Phil's Place

Phil\'s Place

Phil's Place

3463 Larimer St.

Denver, CO 80205


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The bar might be Phil's, but his mother, Junie Garcia, is in charge in the kitchen. Six days a week, she cooks up a roster of far-from-standard Mexican standards: breakfast burritos, steak tacos, cheese enchiladas and a hot, hot green chile she made famous at the Bamboo Hut. But Junie's best creation may be her tamales, which stuff spicy shredded pork inside light, flavorful masa. The tamales aren't normally on the menu, so when Junie decides to make a batch, run — don't walk — to Phil's Place.
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This should be called June's Place. This woman can cook. The green chile is the most falvorful and hot. There's no tast like it. The tacos are awesome, one bite of these crispy tacos with melted cheese and it feels like and explosion in your mouth.(use salsa) yumm! Menudo, what can I say, it has some falvor and spice to cure a hangover. Try the Mexican Hamburgers or smothered burritos, anyway you'd like. Lots of cheese lettuce and tomatos! If you're an early bird, try the breakfast burritos, add some green chile in them to give it a kick to wake you up! Now to the enchiladas, the melted cheese and they hit the spot, add a little spanish rice on the side.The famous red beer! This is where it all started, the best and coldest! and you can't forget about the duo who runs this place. June and Gary. They are the friendliest people in town, they welcome you with open arms like you are like family. All in all Phil's Place is a great place to come eat, have some food and laugh! Happy hour is always fun! Go try it out, you will not be disappointed.


Junie is a culinary goddess. I have been eating her food since I was a little girl (back in Bamboo Hut days), and my son is now following tradition. Her tacos are sooooo good...the greasy, stuffed with meat and cheese and then deep fried. The taco sauce is unmatched. My favorites are the enchiladas and green chili. Tamales are few and far between, but well worth the drive. Not only is the food phenomenonal, but the atmosphere is wonderful as well. Service is unmatched. You will not be disappointed!