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Best Old Bowling Alley Denver 2008 - Wheat Ridge Lanes

Wheat Ridge Lanes

Wheat Ridge Lanes

6595 W. 38th Ave.

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


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Wheat Ridge Lanes caters almost exclusively to league players during the week, but on Friday and Saturday nights, anyone can enjoy open bowling and $6 pitchers of Bud poured from the bar. And not just any bar: This one is called Ye Olde Country Club, and while it is indeed olde, it doesn't look much like a country club. But that's a good thing, because the goal here is to sit back and relax, maybe catch a game on TV. The twelve-lane alley has remained relatively free of the newfangled gimmicks found at other spots around town. This is kickin' it olde-school.
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I couldn't agree more! I love this bowling alley. They play classic rock, are great friendly owners, and its not the after school hangout as some others nearby are. The atmosphere is laid back and fun. Not only that but $.99 games after 9pm, can't beat that. Most of all they want you to have fun, and aren't looking to instill a bunch of rules about the place. You respect them, they respect you...weird how that works!

GO WHEAT RIDGE LANES! Can't wait for our first bowling league game on Monday!