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Best Place to Fix an After-Hours Toothache Denver 2008 - Dental 911

What a bright idea: An ER for dentistry. The brainchild of founding owner Dr. Kate Hakala, who was inspired after a visit with her injured dog to an emergency vet hospital, 911 is a walk-in clinic that's open precisely when other dentists aren't: All day on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and — omigod! — holidays, as well as weeknights from 5 to 9 p.m., right in tune with your inopportune chipped teeth, lost crown or nagging toothache that can't wait for an appointment. Dental 911 will also follow up with your regular dentist to make certain any job started is finished; if you don't have one, the office will schedule an appointment there for any ensuing treatment you might need. And, like any hospital worth its salt, they'll take credit cards, bill your insurance or open a line of credit for you if you qualify. Stop your moaning: Relief is on the way.
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nice if you can afford it! what about people who are broke and cat afford these services, you have to have good credit to get your teeth fixed? Only free help is for the homeless, otherwise no one will even touch or look at you with out $100's in hand.... nice country