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Best Place to Get Your Goat Denver 2008 - Destiny's Dairy

Destiny's Dairy

27367 WCR 74, Eaton

Longmont, CO 80501


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Goat's milk has been widely touted as a more digestible alternative to the bovine version, but finding a source can be a problem. Destiny's Dairy not only hawks a fresh, pasteurized product via Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage and similar organic-food outlets, but it runs a clean, humane operation — one of the co-owners is also the on-site veterinarian — and offers free tours for the (human) kids. Next time you're in the Greeley area, check it out, and pick up some goat cheese, goat yogurt and chocolate goat milk while you're there.
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Julie Garbus
Julie Garbus

Follow up on previous comment: I called Whole Foods, which said that Destiny has gone out of business. That's too bad!

Julie Garbus
Julie Garbus

I tried the listed phone number on July 29, 2008 and it's been disconnected. The same number is on their website. Hope they're still in business!