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Best Place to Pick Up a Slice Denver 2008 - Famous Pizza

Famous Pizza

Famous Pizza

98 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80209


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It's late. You're feeling peckish, but you have neither the patience for a full sit-down meal nor the intestinal fortitude for a dirty-water hot dog or street-corner tamale. Head directly for this Famous Pizza outlet, where there's absolutely nothing to recommend about the service, decor or crowds — but the slices are incredible. They're always hot and always fresh (provided you're willing to take what's available behind the glass at the counter). Better yet, they come fast: You step up, state your preference, throw down a couple bucks and walk away with a big, foldable slice of excellent, New York-style pizza, just the thing to fuel you for a long night back on the street.
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I had heard that Famous was the best pizza I would ever have. So I ordered my fave, hamburger and extra cheese and could not have been more disappointed. What was delivered to me was a pizza with cheese and what looked spaghetti sauce on top. The pizza was disgusting! The way the hamburger had been put on there reminded me of someone getting sick. I would not recommend this pizza place to my worst enemy.