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Best Place to Play Pool Denver 2008 - Pair-o-Dice Poolroom

Readers' Choice: Wynkoop Brewing Company
When the Skylark Lounge relocated three years ago from much smaller digs nearby, it had a lot of space to fill. So in August 2006, the club cued up its super-deluxe Pair-o-Dice Poolroom with four pool tables and pinball machines. The upstairs hall, which is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., fits in perfectly with the rest of the bar's vintage-centric vibe, meaning you'll be shooting stick in style. Tom Ross, a world-class player and columnist for Billiards Digest, gives free clinics on Thursdays and occasionally brings in other pool aces. And if the Pair-o-Dice is good enough for a guy like Ross, who's taught more than 4,500 people the way of the game, you should feel fine on the felt, too.
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